Our products

It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for you.

Only Estonian-grown crops

BEVEGY manufactures Estonian protein and starch concentrates from peas and other legumes grown in Estonian fields. We do it completely without chemicals and other additives using a unique and very energy-efficient process. Our protein concentrates contain around 50 percent protein of very high quality and are highly palatable.

Old Estonian Wooden WindMill

Pea protein from dry green peas

Our main product is pea protein from high-quality green peas grown in Estonia. Our suppliers of peas are only local farmers. After the peas have been dried to a water content of around 15 percent, they are brought into our facility and peeled, after which protein and starch are separated from each other and enriched into a concentrate in a completely dry process without the addition of chemicals.

High protein quality

Our pea protein contains around 50 percent protein and has a very good composition of amino acids. Half of the amino acids are essential, and all essential amino acids are included. The highest levels are the contents of Glutamic acid, Aspartic acid, Arginine, Lysine and Leucine. The last three are of interest to athletes; Arginine plays an important role in building muscle fibres and is an essential amino acid for children. Lysine is needed for the metabolism of proteins in the body.

Bunches of green peas in a farmer's field.
fresh pasta with peas

Pea protein, fiber and starch – Ecological from dry green peas

In addition to pea protein BEVEGY also offers pea starch and fiber from organically grown and certified peas. Since we do not use any chemicals in our enrichment process, our finished concentrate is naturally organic product. Pea starch is widely used for food applications, including confectionery, bakery, sauces, soups, noodles, pasta, and meat products. Among other applications pea starch and fiber is also widely used as feed.

Feeding the globe and looking after the environment.

BVEGY provides a new technological approach to the market with a more cost efficient process for dehulling and protein extraction with the benefit of a ”natural” commodity to be used by food producers. BVEGY is optimizing the Harvesting and Protein Extraction Processes.